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Categories: Student Group and Open Group

1st Submission

Submission Deadline: 14 Dec 2020

12 noon

2nd Submission

2nd Proposal Presentation: 2 Feb 2021

2nd Submission - Judging Criteria

2nd Proposal Problem Statement:

Propose a smart transportation solution to solve the traffic problem with the assumption that there will be a 30% increase in vehicle traffic within Science Park in the near future. Your proposed solution should focus on the development & planning of Science Park and refer to the Dos & Don’ts mentioned in the Contestant Briefing.

- Teams are expected to present their Final Proposal on 2 February 2021 at Hong Kong Science and Technology Park.


- Your proposals will be evaluated based on the below Judging Criteria. The judging criteria applies to both Student Group and Open Group.​

- The Top teams from each group will be invited to the Final Pitch and STP Launch Ceremony in March 2021. 


Impact - Traffic Improvement

Ability to demonstrate the traffic improvement after implement the solution and able to justify the prediction of improvement 

- What is the traffic improvement after implemented the solution
- Quantify the no. of vehicles decrease and/ or road capacity increase
- What is the justification of the prediction of improvement (e.g. any simulation, mathematical models, the ground for prediction…)


Business - Cost Effectiveness

Ability to  present the cost-effectiveness of the proposed solution

- What is the estimated CAPEX and OPEX (5 Years) for the proposed solution
- Cost effectiveness for implementation and operation
- The sustainability and scalability of the proposed solution


Practicality - Implementation and Operation

Ability to demonstrate the solution is practical, sustainable and Resilient

- Clear description of proposed solution and Fulfilling the needs of the challenge
- Minimize nuisance to the existing traffic, pedestrian and the operation;
- Timeline for implementation
- Demonstrate the sustainability and resilience of the proposed solution


The Team - Capability and Experience

Ability to demonstrate clearly and deliver effectively. To show that the team with good capability in terms of experience, technical capability and project management.

- Clear and well organized presentation
- Team Relevancy in work experience and technical capability
- Leadership and execution capability


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