Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Who can enrol in the SciTech Challenge 2021?

A: SciTech Challenge 2021 is open to all. Contestants need to choose their group to enrol.

2. I am a part-time student, should I choose the “Open” or “Student” group?

A: “Student Group” contestants must be full-time high school to undergraduates students. 

3. I am a full-time student, can I choose the "Open' group?
A: "Open" group is open to all without limitation.

4. I am an overseas student, can I enrol in the SciTech Challenge 2021?
A: SciTech Challenge 2021 is open to all from any countries. However, contestants must be present physically in Hong Kong during the whole Challenge period. 

5. What is “The Best Performance Award”?
A: “The Best Performance Award” will be evaluating the technical capability on accuracy and relevancy with HKSTP testing data.

6. Can I join both the “Open Group” and “The Best Performance Award” together?
A: Yes, you can first select the group representing your company/team for the SciTech Challenge 2021. Then, please tick the box “I would like to my proposal be evaluated by the technical capability for “The Best Performance Award” (Optional)”.

7. What should I include in the 5-page PowerPoint proposal submitted in end-August?
A: Please include the contents that will help you to get higher points per the corresponding judging criteria. You may include text(s), image(s), and video(s) in your proposal.

8. Is Cantonese the only language I can use for the technology application?
A: The theme for the 2021 SciTech Challenge is using Cantonese as the language. All voice-assistant applications should be using Cantonese as the communication language.

9. The theme is “Technology Enabled by Voice”, do I need to create a product for the Challenge?
A: There is no limitation on the proposed idea whenever it matches the theme “Technology Enabled by Voice”. It could be a product, a service, an application or more you can think of. 

10. There are ~100 hours of Cantonese voice data provided by HKSTP, is it necessary to use these data for my application development?
A: The ~100 hours of Cantonese voice data provided by HKSTP serves as support to contestants. Contestants may treat this data as an option for application development.

11. The voice data provided by HKSTP is on Banking, Finance Service and Insurance domain, does it mean my application must be with the same domain too?

A: The topic for SciTech Challenge 2021 is open and not limited to Banking, Finance Service and Insurance domain.

12. Do I need to join all workshops? Will you count any attendance?
A: We recommend all contestants to join all workshops which will bring you benefits in preparing the Challenge. All workshops will be recorded and uploaded to the official website if you may have missed the workshops live.

13. Who can enrol in the mentorship programme?

A: Only the top 16 teams will be able to proceed to the mentorship phase. Each of the top 16 teams will be paired up with an assigned mentor according to their product nature and mentor competency. The short Bio of each mentor will be shared later.

14. How will I know if my proposal can proceed to the next phase?

A: Only shortlisted teams will receive the e-mail notification if you have successfully made it to the following round. We will also update the shortlisted teams on the official website.